Sand Stone Megalith, Intaglio, Robert Kennon

Four Directions Four Printmakers - Sept 17 to Oct 5, 2012

Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson city, TN 37614
Sept 26 (wed): Workshop with Robert Kennon at 8:15 am and
reception and lecture: 5:00pm

"Four Directions Four Printmakers, scheduled to show at the Slocumb Galleries at ETSU. Below is a brief description of our artists: Robert Kennon, Kent Kapplinger, Catherine Chauvin, and Ralph Slatton. The subject matter covers four vastly different directions including rock formations, machinery, animals and landscapes; introducing a variety of styles influenced by realism, abstraction, surrealism and romanticism. Robert Kennon will be our gallery lecturer for the opening reception. Robert Kennon holds the M.A. & M.F.A. degrees in printmaking and M.A. degree in art history from the University of Iowa. He is currently Associate Professor of Art & Design at Culver-Stockton College, Canton, MO. His new solo exhibition is titled “Monumental Mysteries” and explores the prehistoric monoliths, megaliths, menhirs and dolmens of Britain taken from sketch books that he made on location.


Send an email to Professor Ralph Slatton. To see a gallery of works. (Go to Gallery and Artists' Info: >>)

Sand Stone Megalith, Intaglio, Robert Kennon

Spicy Tales and Darkened Fragments: Nicole Osborne & Ralph Slatton - July 10t to Aug 10, 2012

Gallery Arts@1830, 1830 14th St Nw Washington, DC 20009

The intaglios of Nicole Osborne and Ralph Slatton will be shown at Arts@1830 beginning on July 10th, 2012. and hang through the remainder of the the Summer. Each artist has contributed their time, talent and unique experiences to create a collection of prints using etching, and aquatint. Their imagery is figurative and imaginary, and is highly influenced by personal narratives.


Nicole Osborne: "Art is my catharsis from the bonds I feel are placed upon me during the everyday submergence into normalcy. By using all types of media I feel like I can explore all the parts that are so distinguishably distinct within myself. Each media brings out a different capability of control and release.  This pushes my artwork in all directions."


Nicole Osborne was born in Gatlinburg TN in 1986. She graduated with her BFA at East Tennessee State University. She has shown in New York at The Pen and Brush, Inc where her Ranting painting won honorable mention. She has been published in The Mockingbird. She currently resides on the outskirts of DC in Northern Virginia.


Ralph D. Slatton: "My work utilizes the animal form, and borrows much from fantasy and fable stories of long ago. These portray animals as a metaphor for human foibles. These are filled with beautiful narratives and are often hidden in darkened fragments of our imagination. I believe that every scratch, pit, or errant line is a record of the experience, directing concepts from inception to final edition. Often times the power of art is in the expressive content, the part that you can't control. However, when just the right nuance, the elusive hint of shadow begins to act aesthetically with our master design, we call these happy accidents. They add a spark of power that will engage the viewer with discovery and wonderment.


Wyatt Moody, Young Puppeteers

"Obey: Catch 22" - June 4 to Jun 29, 2012

Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
Opening Reception: Monday, June 11, from 4-6 p.m

"OBEY: Catch 22," (see gallery >>) an exhibition of works by Wyatt J. Moody and 22 other East Tennessee State University art alumni, will be on display at Slocumb Galleries from June 4-29. This free public exhibit is sponsored by the ETSU Department of Art and Design and Slocumb Galleries in partnership with the Wyatt J. Moody Printmaking Biennial. A reception with the artists will be held Monday, June 11, from 4-6 p.m. at Slocumb Galleries, located in Ball Hall. Ralph Slatton, director of the Printmaking Program in the Department of Art and Design and curator of the exhibit, said that the works chosen "all share a strong commonality of humor, irony or sense of the surreal … reminiscent of Moody's creative philosophy." He describes Moody's work as "a collage of dreamlike images, often challenging authority and social conventions, that brought light to darkened places, assembling fragments of some obscure secret." According to Slatton, Moody found satisfaction in creating images of subjects that, at times, were strange or taboo in an attempt to make his viewers think. The title, "OBEY: Catch 22," evolved from the suggestion from some of the participating artists who shared Moody's affinity with the printmaking process. Slatton says Moody was inspired by Shepard Fairey, a controversial street artist whose work "OBEY" featured a stylized image of wrestler André the Giant that encouraged viewers to "contemplate and search for their own meaning." Slatton added the "Catch 22" phrase "to accentuate the convolution of meaning that Moody's and each of the participating artists' work represents." Those artists include Zach Armistead, Jessica Augier, Eric Bachman, Kyle Blauw, Laken Bridges, Meara Bridges, Christine Buchanan, Reese Chamness, Brian Godwin, Greg Howser, Liz Layton, Amber Moore, Lindsey Morrow, Derick Morton, Matt Oerly, Nicole Osborne, Daruth Padilla, Marie Porterfield Barry, Kevin Reaves, Amanda Richardson, Stephanie Streeter and Kenneth Webb. Summer hours for Slocumb Galleries are 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information or special assistance for those with disabilities, contact Karlota Contreras-Koterbay, Slocumb Galleries director, at (423) 483-3179 or


Day on FireThe Day on Fire Apocalypse in Contemporary Art: Aug 20 – Sept 14, 2012

Slocumb Galleries, East Tennessee State University

The Department of Art & Design at East Tennessee State University invites artists to submit work in any media on the subject of the apocalypse. Any work that directly or indirectly relates to visions of the end of the world, aftermath, nuclear winter, localized images of collapse, upheaval of thought, and post-apocalyptic depictions are welcome in this exhibition that takes a wide-angle perspective to the theme. The end of times has been a preoccupation for artists for centuries – this exhibition expressly planned for 2012 frames this theme at the doorstep of the Mayan and Nostradamus "Dooms Day" prophecies.


Works will be jointly curated and juried by the Slocumb Galleries' Exhibition Committee. All submissions must be received or postmarked July 1, 2012.


All media are accepted for consideration (2D, 3D, installation, video, etc). There are no year limitations on work, nor age/geographic limitation for Artists as long as the subject is within the Apocalypse theme. Artists may submit up to 3 entries with a maximum of 5 images in total to include details or different angles. There are no size requirements, however, artists are advised to consider the 9-foot ceiling, space limitations in the gallery and weight capability of staff. All accepted artworks will be insured during installation and exhibit, Artists shall be responsible for shipping to and from the Slocumb Galleries as well as insurance during transit. Artworks may be for sale, the Slocumb Galleries do not require commission but request 10% donation from works sold.


Submissions must include a CD that has the jpeg images that has a minimum of 300 dpi and maximum of 2000 pixels in the longest dimension. Artists must also submit an Inventory Sheet that includes thumbnail images of the work, entry no., title, media, date and dimension (specify if detail or different angle on the additional images). The jpeg files must be labeled with the Artist's last name, first name and entry number, add detail after the entry number if applicable.


A brief Artist Statement must also be included as well as a CV/Bio with the Artist's contact information (address, contact numbers and email). Acceptance notification shall be done via email, please ensure that email address is listed legibly. Submitted materials will not be returned, unless requested and includes a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope). Submission fee of $20.00 must be included, check payable to Slocumb Galleries. For inquiries, please contact Slocumb Galleries' Director Karlota I. Contreras-Koterbay via email or call 423.483.3179.



July 5, 2012 – Submission deadline

July 21, 2012 – Notification of accepted artwork

August 15, 2012 – Accepted artwork must be received

August 20 to September 14, 2012 – Exhibition at ETSU Slocumb Galleries


SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: - CD containing 3–5 images, Inventory Sheet (title, medium, size, date), Bio/CV, Artist Statement - Images must be saved as high quality JPEGS no longer than 2000 pixels in the longest dimension - Label images in the following format: lastname_firstname_01.jpg - $20.00 Entry Fee, made payable to Slocumb Galleries Send submission to: Apocalypse Exhibition Committee c/o Karlota I. Contreras-Koterbay Director, Slocumb Galleries Box 70708, Department of Art & Design East Tennessee State University Johnson City, TN 37614