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Michelle Opatick

OBEY: Catch 22 - In Honor of Wyatt Moody 6/25/2012
an exhibition of works by Wyatt J. Moody and 22 other East Tennessee State University art alumni, will be on display at Slocumb Galleries. This free public exhibit is sponsored by the Slocumb Galleries in partnership with the Wyatt J. Moody Printmaking Biennial..

Michelle Opatick

Curiouser and Curiouser - Jessica Augier 1/28/2012
Each of these works deals with my exploration of the elusiveness of the self and how myth, fairy tale, and other stories ultimately reflect our own complex search for identity. I am influenced by the fairy tales and stories that I grew up with and the sinister and peculiar aspects involved with them.

Michelle Opatick

Michelle O'Patick-Ollis MFA Exhibition - Michelle O'Patick 4/01/2012
This gallery features the prints and drawings by O'Patick-Ollis. She is an alumni of East TN State and also received her MFA from Arizona State, Tempe. Her skills with creating gradient tones in intaglio are masterful. Her images reflect a sense of self and place and the interaction of people in her world.

Mark Compton

Neo-Raconteur:Allocating Southern-Gothic - Mark Compton 03/25/2012
I created the term Neo-Raconteur to convey my interest in medium theory to support the artistic custom of revealing cultural conventions for allocation into artistic genres. The term evolved from the French word "Raconteur," meaning: somebody who tells stories or anecdotes in an interesting or entertaining way.


Redon Symbolists - Laken Bridges 10/17/2011
Symbolism (1860s-1880s) was an artistic and literary movement that sprung from a time in French history that was characterized by turbulence and uncertainty. The most common themes in symbolist art include “love, fear, anguish, death, sexual awakening, and unrequited desire.

Laken Bridges Disturbed Pastoral

Disturbed Pastorial - Laken Bridges 10/17/2011
Bridges describes her body of work as "disturbed pastoral narrative", drawing inspiration from the writing of psychologist/philosopher Carl Jung who believes that "the Self is represented by animals. Her sheep are "juxtaposed with the figure to express a dialog between the conscious and subconscious. ( gallery>>)

Laken Bridges Animal Psyche

Animal Psyche - Laken Bridges 10/17/2011
Jung states that the animal is among the most relevant symbols to the human psyche and that many times the self is represented as an animal. Jung even reasoned that the human psyche includes animal character and therefore humans and animals must experience similar emotions and instincts and likely share similar archetypes.

FM McKay

F.H. McKay: Nostalgia - Ralph Slatton 10/22/2011
Each of us holds a special memory from childhood. Sometimes it's an image from a movie, or perhaps a special children's book character; for me, it is a picture on a zigsaw puzzle. I speak of an image of a painting on a popular puzze from the early 50's. I believe the puzzle company was called Tuco.

Ariel Adams

Transparency Studies - Ariel Adams 10/22/2011
approached the assignment with the idea of using opaque color swatches to give the illusion of transparency rather than thinning out the paint.

Air Pirates

Walt Disney Productions v. Air Pirates - Valerie Bodell 10/17/2011
The Walt Disney Productions v. Air Pirates case is significant because O'Neill's social commentary, in an unconventional medium forced the court system and the public to consider the nature of parody, comics, the First Amendment, and mass media's role in our perception of our world.